How do you express your pain, but not complain?


Everyone experiences tough stuff (duh a million times). But how much is it acceptable/ desirable to talk to other people about it? Hmm, not sure. Check it:

No one likes a whiner. Being negative is unproductive and annoying. Talking about his punk sons Laman and Lemuel, the Book of Mormon figure Lehi refers to this activity as “murmuring,” which is basically just griping and groaning and being a downer. Not a good response to dealing with your inner turmoil. Nope. Not at all.

But it’s not healthy to keep all of our uncomfortable feelings inside, either. If we do, they get bottled up, and then we either dramatically explode (figuratively) or continue to be weighed down by ever increasing emotional baggage. So it’s important to let it out sometimes, know what I’m sayin’?

It’s a crazy balancing act, and I sure as heck haven’t nailed it (yet?).


How do you express your pain,
but not complain?

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