“I’m spiritual, but not religious.” Say what?!

Concerning their personal belief system, many people today say, “I’m spiritual, but not religious.” While I always try my best to respect other viewpoints, truthfully I think this is a cop-out, and a silly one at that.

Being religious simply means acknowledging the reality of God, both in the world and in one’s own life. A religious person does not have to be strictly orthodox to any particular doctrine or sect. A religious person can be non-denominational. A religious person does not even have to be Christian. But what the heck does being “spiritual, but not religious” even mean? You believe in spirits? Like ghosts? I don’t understand.

Perhaps some use this cliche because they are afraid of sounding like a heathen otherwise. But one doesn’t have to be religious to be a good person of upstanding morals.

Claiming to be spiritual, but not religious

Is very confusing and ambiguous.

Not tryin’ to demean

Just don’t know what that means!

What do YOU think?

*I don’t love this song. It’s too weird for me.  But I had to include it for the title.  Oh, and John Mayer co-wrote it.  🙂


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2 responses to ““I’m spiritual, but not religious.” Say what?!

  1. Bonnie Larsen

    Great post! I think that unfortunately many organized religions have given religion a bad name in general. I do think you can feel close to God without attending church or being any certain religion, but I certainly think you will feel closer to God with religion. Kind of like the difference between feeling the holy ghost and having the gift of the holy ghost if that makes any sense

    • Definitely! People love to harp on organized religion, which certainly has not been perfect throughout history. Still, it seems like some are afraid of the word “religious,” but I think we should reclaim it as a good thing 🙂

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