I am soooooo behind, I hope you don’t mind! But please don’t go away, ‘cuz great things are on the way!


Friends, I am so very behind in writing this blog.  I really do have so much to write, too!  I have been very busy with a lot of stuff lately (jobs, finances, exercise, social life, etc.)  Because of this, I haven’t been posting as much in the past few weeks.  But I have SOOOO much stuff in store!  Next week, I plan to seclude myself in a coffee shop for, like, 8 hours or something so I can catch up.

Thank you so much for reading.  It means more to me than I could ever find the words to express.  And I’m pretty good with words, so that’s really sayin’ something!  Please stay with me, as I promise there are so many funny, thought-provoking, spiritual, and overall awesome things to come.  In the words of my hero John Mayer, “Good love is on the way!

Thanks so much again.  I love you all.

I am so behind;

and I hope you don’t mind.

But please don’t go away,

‘cuz great things are on the way!


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