Writer Matt Walsh: Why is adultery okay in politics? (think Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Anthony Weiner, and Elliot Spitzer for just a few examples)

Disclaimer: The following words are taken from an article (read it!) written by one of my favorite writers, Matt Walsh.  When borrowing from another source, it’s typically considered good practice to just use a bit of someone else’s work, then expound with your own thoughts.  However, in this case, Matt makes the point so perfectly and succinctly (as he usually does!) that I’ve decided to borrow more than just a line or two.  But like any decent person, I wouldn’t dream of plagiarizing.  Okay, enough about writing policies.  Here it is!

Image“When did infidelity become a moral misdemeanor?! When did we decide that a guy can cheat on his wife yet be an otherwise honest, trustworthy and upstanding gentleman? When did we determine that adultery happens in some sort of isolated vacuum, and it does not reflect negatively on the character of the person who commits it?

Adultery is the betrayal of THE MOST IMPORTANT promise you will ever make.  An adulterer has already looked into the eyes of his spouse and lied, probably hundreds of times, so how could I ever have any faith that he won’t look into a camera and lie to the faceless masses? Your marriage vow is more important than the vow you take for elected office. If you broke one, you’re at a high risk to break the other.  

The people who downplay the significance of infidelity

only reveal something about themselves.”

Preach it, Matt.  Preach!


Ye have broken the hearts of your tender wives,

and lost the confidence of your children…”

  Jacob 2:35

Image Image

Trust those who’d break the marriage vow?

With all respect, I don’t see how!

It truly would be silly and unwell

to place confidence in an Infidel

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