Sweet Hour of Prayer…Literally!


Why not take the title idea of the hymn “Sweet Hour of Prayer” literally?

For those of my friends who are people of faith, why not set aside a time in the near future where you pray/ ponder/ meditate for 60 uninterrupted minutes For all the time we spend on social media, we can surely give and commit that time to the Lord.

I hope I’m not over-stepping my bounds in issuing this challenge.  Don’t wanna be preachy or nothin’.  Just an idea.

Image“Pray without ceasing”

-1st Thessalonians 5:17


“I have got so much to do today that I need to spend another hour on my knees praying!”

-German religious reformer Martin Luther

In seasons of distress and grief

My soul has often found relief…

And AJ has a version.  Who knew?!

(Time to wrap it up, Kath)

I would encourage you all to seriously consider taking one full hour to experience a sweet hour of prayer. 



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