“Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets….” [and other amazing stuff that changed my life!]

  shakespeare bruce

During my years at BYU, I had the choice opportunity to take two different courses on Shakespeare from world renowned scholar Bruce Young (who, by the way, is as personable and Christlike as he is brilliant). My eyes and heart were opened to the insight that the most famous and lauded playwright so eloquently offered on Christianity (and also Judaism and other faiths), history, family dynamics, social and political structure, and humanity in general, (and of course linguistics, vocabulary, iambic pentameter, and other literary/ poetry-related concepts) that are incredibly relevant to our world today.

 Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.03.10 PM

I in no way pretend to now be a Shakespeare expert, but still I am eternally grateful for the experience to study the works of the tremendously important and influential writer William Shakespeare under the direction of such a capable and passionate teacher as Bruce Young. Much of what I learned in these courses has stayed with me, and I very often find myself encouraged and inspired by it.

What are YOUR thoughts/ experiences with studying Shakespeare?

(hint: If it doesn’t seem like your thing, I encourage to reconsider. It doesn’t have to be an alienating, pretentious, unfulfilling experience or one that is reserved for English nerds like myself. You just might be pleasantly surprised.)

Also, your 9th grade study of “Romeo & Juliet” doesn’t count (though I do like this picture!).

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 9.06.23 PM


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