To know God, or not to know God? That is the question.



Many Christians seem to associate deity with some sort of ethereal elusiveness, or in other words, think of Him as a kind of mystery. In their minds, the beauty and majesty of God is in NOT knowing all the details of His existence and purpose.

Other believers take a different view. Latter-day Saints in particular claim that we ARE to understand the nature and character of God. Though it is of course impossible to comprehend everything, we should strive to learn more about who He truly is. Some of this has even taken place through quite literal and physical interactions and experiences (most notably the First Vision of Joseph Smith). Most importantly, we seek to cultivate an individual and personal relationship with God.

The following scripture from the New Testament is evidence of the validity of the latter argument, in which one is to seek to try to understand God:

“And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God…”

John 17:3


1) Considering you are a believer (or even if you’re not), what are YOUR thoughts/experiences with this topic?

2) Do you believe in the idea that God is a mystery, or do you think He wants to be known?

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