“Separate but Equal” : a troublesome but still fairly accurate phrase to describe the gender spheres.

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The phrase “Separate but Equal” is infamous for its historical context. But looking past that for a moment, I think the idea behind the phrase is relevant to the discussion of gender issues, specifically feminism:

Men and women are equal, both in the laws of the land and in the eyes of God. But they are DIFFERENT. Not utterly and completely different. But they are undeniably distinct in many ways. Biologically (duh), but also cognitively and socially. To pretend that this is not the case is lunacy. Yet some people try.

I’m not going to go get myself killed by throwing around the phrase “separate but equal” in common conversation, but I do think the concept is valid when talking about separate gender identities.

Men and women can have the same rights and equal protection under the law while still acknowledging their inherent differences.

What do YOU think about this kind of thing?

More to come on this issue.

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