“I kept my heart under (self) CONTROL!”


The only real control in life is self-control. 

-Jeffrey Holland.

Read context here.

Omgosh, soooooo true!  No matter what it is, the power lies within us, but we have to have the courage to exercise self-control.  People who do this don’t make excuses for themselves, but instead take full responsibilities for their lives, including any mistakes they may make.  Know what else people with self-control can take responsibility for?  Their successes.  Self-control enables you to have success in (almost!) any and all areas that you could desire.  That’s the power of it.  Pretty awesome, I’d say.

Elder Holland pretty much hit the nail on the head with that quote, huh?  Oh, and even if you think Mormonism is weird/crazy, you should know that Jeffrey Holland has his PhD. from Yale, so it’s 99% guaranteed that he’s smarter than you.

No offense (he’s waaaay smarter than me!)


(loooooove you William.  More than you’ll ever know). 


Is there something concerning which YOU need to exercise better self-control? (ex: sleep, internet use, what you eat, exercise, personal habits, moral cleanliness, finances, etc.)  How can you make sure you ARE in control?


the only real control is self-control…


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11 responses to ““I kept my heart under (self) CONTROL!”

  1. hey katherine, i to am a member of the church, and to answer your question yes, there are areas that i would like to have more self control, i blogged a bit about that at http://gospelperspective.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/my-new-years-goals/ check it out and subscribe to my blog as well

  2. Dear Katharine,
    True you do not have a Phd. Since you make a lovely habit of badmouthing other bloggers without any sort of self-control, I think it fair for me to go ahead and mention that I had no idea the Mormon church advocated being an absolute bitch.
    Oh, and you aren’t fit to raise your child.
    “thanks for the chat.”

    • I don’t like being a bitch. I’m a really nice person most of the time. But I’m not gonna sugar-coat it when it comes to murder.

      Let’s see. One of us condones murder under the euphemism of “a woman’s right to choose.” Another one of us isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and call a spade a spade. So tell me, who is it that is better suited to raise a child?

      I’m not afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. If you choose to support such a radically violence act, then be prepared for people to call you out on it.

      I don’t care about being dignified when it comes to HUMAN LIFE! That’s what we’re talking about! It’s not “what’s your favorite movie?” or “who’s the best singer?” It’s LIFE!

      I believe in standing up for the truth. It’s not my fault if it hurts you.

      The truth can be the most painful thing in the world. It can also be the most liberating.

      I invite you to open your eyes to what is REALLY going on.

      And for the final time I ask you YET AGAIN:

      “Do you truly have ZERO ethical objections with abortion?!”

      And are you comfortable knowing that by your own logic and your own “ethics,” your mother and her “doctor” could have aborted you? You could be pieces of tissue disposed as toxic waste?

      THAT is the reality of abortion. If you can’t bear to think of yourself that way, how in God’s name could you say that’s acceptable for another person to experience?

      Happy New Year, Lydia. Maybe this will be the year you stop turning a blind eye to the truth and begin to respect human life. I sure hope so.

      • It’s amazing to me that you’d think I’m unaware that my mother could have had an abortion. I’m still blown away that you think any sensible adult wouldn’t have considered that.
        And I haven’t answered your question because it’s so stupid. I don’t mean that as simply lashing out, but unless you’ve met someone who’s said “I got an abortion and it rocked” then I’m incredibly confused. EVERYone thinks abortion is a sad and horrible thing. Nobody in the world is “pro abortion.” It’s simply what TYPE of life one chooses to value.
        Since you’ve brought up dark hypotheticals, I’ll go ahead and share one with you. Now the first part is true: I have a friend who’s father is a preacher. Unfortunately (and unlike most people in the church of course) he is an outright evil man. My friend was raped repeatedly by her own father and several uncles from the time she was a child. Because of a lifetime of emotional and physical abuse, she constantly lives with seizures brought on by trauma. Now, according to you- if she has an abortion she has no respect for human life. My hypothetical for you is this: If she didn’t and gave birth of a child with multiple disabilities because of her young age, seizures and a child born of incest and it causes so much stress that she died in child birth…. is that right? By your logic, a woman should give birth even at the risk of their own life. Why do you value one human fetus over a human woman? How is that pro-life?

      • P.S. Being “pro-life” does not make anyone a bitch. My mother is an avid pro-lifer and she’s a lovely person.
        Acting like a bitch is what makes you one :/

  3. It seems to me that you believe that pro-life people don’t care about women who’ve been abused. Supporting the right to life under any and all circumstances must mean that we are heartless, huh? It must mean that we’re passing judgment on a woman for doing something that we deem as very selfish. But how dare we condemn a woman who has an abortion in such desperate and dire circumstances? How can we rebuke her for her decision, especially if we’ve never been in her exact situation?

    Is that what you think? (Truly asking, not being a punk.)

    I in no way mean to diminish or belittle any woman’s traumatic experience, be it your friend or anyone else. Truly, I don’t. I cannot imagine the pain and difficulty of such an event, and I am forever grateful that, although I’ve experienced some pretty tough stuff in my life, sexual abuse has not been one of them. I do not wish anything of that sort on my worst enemy (even though I don’t have enemies).

    BUUUT: compounding the violence of a rape with the violence of an abortion is NOT the way to do it. Ever. Unfortunately, it is a lose-lose situation. I do hope that a woman in that plight who chooses life for her baby can have every resource of help available to her (friends, family, church group, community). But killing an innocent child is never acceptable, no matter the circumstance. Not to mention that soooooo many women experience depression and shame (some even become suicidal) in regretting their decision to abort.

    The Pro-Choice argument is profoundly morally and philosophically inconsistent.

    Now THAT is what I mean by all of this.

  4. And I am glad your mother is pro-life (you undoubtedly are, as well) I do wish that YOU were pro-life.

  5. By the way, when you say that I am a bitch for being strongly and vocally pro-life, you might be interested to know that Mark Twain was a staunch opponent of slavery. He was also a bitter pessimist against any and all sympathizers, whether or not they actually practiced the institution themselves. I would like to think of myself in a similar way, although I’m nowhere near as profane and angry as he was.

  6. And YOU, Lydia, are the one who pulled out the word “bitch” first. And you’ll notice I haven’t called you that word.

  7. You take offense at my arguments, so you pull out an offensive word to counter it. I think that I am the one being rational here.

  8. Also, when a mother’s life is truly in danger of being lost (which, by the way, is incredibly rare), it is not even called an abortion:

    “When the life of the mother is truly threatened by her pregnancy, if both lives cannot simultaneously be saved, then saving the mother’s life must be the primary aim. If through our careful treatment of the mother’s illness the pre-born patient inadvertently dies or is injured, this is tragic and, if unintentional, is not unethical and is consistent with the pro-life ethic. But the intentional killing of an unborn baby by abortion is never necessary.”

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