A very stupid quote from a Mormon woman.


With all due respect, Ms. Lauritzen, this is one the STUPIDEST quotes I’ve ever read.  I do not mean to be unkind, especially because I do not know your personal circumstances.  But come on now, you are essentially saying that the Church figuratively kills young women?! That is completely and utterly ridiculous.  If you have problems with church culture or even with the doctrine, you must express them less dramatically and violently, especially because there really are women in the world who experience actual oppression and violence.  Stephanie, you can do better than that.


I have never been more proud to be a Mormon woman: I am NOT oppressed, I am NOT gypped, I am NOT brain-washed, I am NOT second-best.  And I am NOT forced to do or believe anything.  I am the exact opposite of all those things.  Raising a young woman in the gospel of Jesus Christ can provide the way to lasting happiness and self-esteem.  I should know 🙂

never been more proud to be a Mormon woman…

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