Search Engine Optimization brings my blog to many nations!

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I’ve written a little before about how my blog has presented me with the great (and sometimes daunting!) opportunity to learn a TON about computer stuff.  Sometimes, I’ll marvel at my own words when I hear myself speak or think about internet lingo: javascript, widgets, plug-ins, Akismet, etc.  This kind of thing is no longer (completely) a foreign language to me and is actually kinda becoming a normal part of my vocabulary and psyche.  Never thought that would the case.

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One of the most critical aspects of being web savvy (which I still am not fully yet!) is something magical called Search Engine Optimization, often abbreviated as SEO.  That is a really important term, so commit it to memory please.  It refers to using tools to make it so that people can actually find your blog!  You optimize it’s availability, so it’s not just floating out there in space with a minimum amount of readers.

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For example, when somebody googles the term(s) “LDS/ Mormon,” the first things that will come up will be the official LDS Church website.  This is because the web masters of the Church are SEO experts and know how to get our standardized stuff to pop up immediately.  Cool!

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I personally am still quite new to all the ins and outs of how SEO works and how to best utilize it for my blog.  But guess what?  I am doing it!  Things like tagging my posts with quality/searchable terms, or boosting my Alexa ranking (an online indicator of a website/blog’s comparative traffic) are helping me get it out there.  Though I still have a long way to go, my blog is steadily gaining a reputation and presence online.  Score!

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Search Engine Optimization

Brings my blog to many nations!

(59 to date…)



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3 responses to “Search Engine Optimization brings my blog to many nations!

  1. silly rabbit

    it just seems so spiritual Hitler… Embrace all the churches, 7 candlesticks (metaphor, full spectrum, rainbow) and I’m all in,.and I’d even say it’s the best, but only because it still allows the truths formed and perfected by other religions/cultures and it’s the entanglement of these truths that brings us closer to the light of Christ (or whatever your culture calls it, light is light). Your always asking for opinions, you got it, although I may have laughed at the LDS takin over the world concept (and i’m well aware it’s a joke, better be), others will most certainly NOT. appreciate it. This is fair warning, your getting a little haughty. and don’t remind, i’m doing my writing, it’s epic btw

  2. I would answer your reply, but I really don’t understand it. And I don’t mind at all if others don’t appreciate my joke about Mormons taking over the world. In fact, I don’t care a lot about if people appreciate ANY of my jokes. That’s the beauty of being the sole writer of my blog. I do whatever pleases me 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. Lucy Liu

    it makes sense under, most light

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