Congratulations! You are officially alive!


So you ruffled some feathers?  Yah, you’ve done it now. 

Turned the tables in the temples clean upside down. 

You’re out on a ledge and one thing’s for sure,

when you got ’em wishin’ you’ve never been born…




I don’t believe in stirring the pot just to cause a scene.  Not into controversy for controversy’s sake.  And I think publicity stunts are really stupid.  Still, if I am who I am and someone has a problem with it, so be it.  As long as I’m following the Lord and following my own self, I don’t care much at all about others who may disagree.  In fact, if I ever get people talking I think it means that my experience is something special.

On a literary note, I give Brad mad props for his Biblical allusion.  For my friends who may not know, in New Testament times, Jesus was very angry (one of the few times ever) that people were doing commercial business in the temple since it is a holy place.  He overthrew the tables of the money changers (as pictured above).  YIKES!  Here is a short, yet powerful video reenacting this passage in the book of Matthew.  It shows the passion that Christ felt about the importance of not “trifl[ing]… with sacred things” (D&C 6:12).

And back to the main message:  If people get riled up, it might be a sign that you’re actually doing something right.  So why not go against the grain a little bit?  I’m NOT suggesting you go do anything sinful at all, but in other ways why not push the envelope?  Get out of your comfort zone.  Be wise of course, but maybe it’s time for you to try something completely new.  You may just discover something profound about yourself that you wouldn’t otherwise.  So live.


I personally am officially alive.

Are you?

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