Women and the Priesthood: a poetic take.

Alrighty, I REALLY want you to watch this video, ‘cuz you just can’t get the full effect by reading the words.  It’s kinda like how Shakespeare’s plays were meant to be seen, and NOT read.  And I just compared myself to Shakespeare; that definitely warrants a thunderbolt of blasphemy.  ANYWAYS, I know full well  that some don’t want to watch, so I have decided to include the text of the poem just in case.  But seriously ya’ll, just watch the video.  It’s not that long.  Okay, this introduction has gone on waaaay too long, so without further ado, here it is:

(And now, for you lazy bones:)


For those who feel gumption about their assumptions

concerning Mormon women, and what is most common.

You got something to learn, and now it’s MY turn

to teach, but not to preach.


You see, the priesthood is the authority to act in God’s name

It has nothing to do with status or fame.

Men aren’t sad that they can’t have babies

that’d be stupid; that’d be crazy!


And it’s NOT that the only thing I have in my life

is to be a future mother and wife, but still I hold no strife

.Because those who do hold it, never withhold it

On the contrary, I am empowered near every hour.


So no, I don’t hold the priesthood

I’m not sure I’d want to even if I could!


And, not to brag or sound immodest

but I.  Am.  A future goddess

who’s simply in training,

so I’m not complaining.


You see, the priesthood only adds

to what I’ve ALWAYS had

as a daughter of the King, to Him I will sing

and he’s already given

Every.  Needful.  Thing.

(including access to the priesthood)



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2 responses to “Women and the Priesthood: a poetic take.

  1. That is an amazing poem! You should type it up and share it on pinterest!

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