Freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion!

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The Constitution guarantees freedom OF religion.  But some people believe (covertly or overtly) that we should have “freedom” FROM religion.  Ah, ah, ah.  Don’t anyone go changing the ever important prepositions now.  No way, Jose.

Joseph Smith said we “allow all men the privilege of worshiping… how, where, or what they may” (Article of Faith #11).  This of course includes people who choose not to practice or believe anything at all.  BUT, don’t you dare try to infringe on the freedoms of people of faith.

The Mormon Church recently launched an awesome website about religious freedom and protection.  Check it stat!

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Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the 12 of the LDS Church is one of the Mormon apostles most known for supporting and advocating religious freedoms and similar patriotic causes.

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Quentin Cook (yet ANOTHER one of the 12), a Stanford educated attorney, said the following:

“We also find the majority of people are still respectful of basic moral values.  But make no mistake: there are also people who are determined to both destroy faith and reject any religious influence in society.”

(read/watch in full here)

Friends, what can YOU do to protect religious freedoms?

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The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion

NOT freedom from religion.

More to come on these issues.

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