“Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony…”


LDS Family Proclamation to the World

Um, can I just say how much I LOVE this quote?! It’s only one sentence in the whole document, but it’s spectacular. I love how it is bold, but not overbearing (Alma 38:12). No matter our choices or circumstances, we are all children of God who deserve love and respect from our fellow human beings. That being said, children STILL deserve to be born to parents who are faithfully married. It is our job to do everything possible to make this a reality. And, despite what anyone may say or think, chastity is NOT a thing of the past. It’s not a dead commandment. And choosing to obey it makes lasting happiness in families all the more possible. I know this is true.

“Children are entitled to birth
within the bonds of matrimony.”


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