Don’t steal my thunder! ‘Cuz it would make heart go asunder!


Oh friends, just a lil’ footnote: Of course you are more than welcome to use any of my self-coined catch-phrases. I ain’t gonna make you write a works cited page or anything, but if someone asks, “Did you make that up?” don’t be dishonest. PLEASE give credit where credit is due... I always quote my sources when appropriate (Mayer, Uchtdorf, Shakespeare, Alma, Bedingfield, Hinckley, etc.), and I would ask that you do the same.  I work really hard at my wordplay, and I don’t want anyone stealin’ from me! Thanks.

Is it pretentious/premature to look into Copywriting stuff? Probably…

Or maybe you think all of my catch-phrases are stupid and wouldn’t use them in a million years, in which case disregard this post… 🙂


Don’t steal my thunder!

‘Cuz it would make heart go asunder! 

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