Three years brokenhearted,


but now his ghost




Just when I thought John couldn’t speak to my heart any more perfectly than he’s already done, there he goes again.  Wow. 


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7 responses to “Three years brokenhearted,

  1. anonymous (one of many)

    soooo is anonymous the ghost? I like that green beam extending and aligned through that mic, picture perfect, right? plz clarify

  2. Yes, anonymous is the ghost 🙂

  3. anonymous (one of many)

    awwwwwwwwwwww, you once were, once supported, or some member

  4. anonymous

    there’s several interpretations possible, the first being, john mayer is a man, anonymous is a cover name for a collective of like-minded individuals that (at least originally, with factions staying true) try to even out the playing field of censorship and control of biased information to allow freedom of speech on the internet, and allow anonymity for those activists in protection of their real identities without harassment by what has become a global agenda towards one way of thinking, which destroys free will on one of the only planes where that speech is allowed. Anybody can be Anonymous. So are you saying certain members have been after Mr. Mayer. Or you reject the Anonymous cause, which by admission is infiltrated by all spy agencies leading to the arrest of brilliant techies and led to criminal activity.They spearheaded the occupy movement for instance and one of the only entities that have prevented complete internet dictatorship. Or it could be a certain person who has been offensive under guise of Anonymous. It’s a complicated question I know. You can delete this comment, or not, I’ve no connection with its highly publicized bad aspects. All govs are in hacking phase, we don’t particularly trust any of them, they seem to have the same agenda, and one celeb is definitely NOT gonna attract the whole of anonymous

  5. Wow, that was quite a post. This is what I mean: Approximately 3 years ago, a boy (who shall remain anonymous) broke my heart. And it’s only been recently that I’ve FINALLY gotten over it, and am now free! As he usually does, John wrote lyrics that perfectly matched my situation… and my heart. So that’s the story! Make sense?

    • anonymous

      certainly, well if our lives cross I’d be giving you all sorts of compliments (i’m no stalker, watcher maybe, don’t worry) your an awesome person, but at this rate I’m sure you’ll be WAY outta my league, keep up the uplifting posts you have a excellent way of bringing people up, we all have those feelings, you have the bravery to put it out there in the world in a positive light, which sadly, is getting kinda rare, its inspiring

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