Women and the Priesthood AGAIN?! Hey, sometimes ideas come after the fact…

Okay, I know the whole Women and the Priesthood thing happened way back in October General Conference, but I just was making pancakes and had a new insight. Also, some people might hate me for sayin’ this, but whatevz:
If the Ordain Women group HAD been granted admission to the Priesthood session, how many would have actually listened to the messages spoken, and how many would have gloated that they had beat the ever oppressive Mormon patriarchy, thrown each other high fives, and taken pictures with which to update their loyal Facebook/Twitter followers of their progress?
Imagethey throw me high-fives…
Here is my original take on this issue.
It makes a lot more sense and is nicer, too…
ImageI STRONGLY believe in Women’s Rights, by the way.
“The Yellow Wallpaper” has feminism written all over it.
Still, I stand with my original stance:
Women are Presh, but Don’t belong in the Priesthood Sesh!
Just some food for thought…

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