Maxim Magazine is…

Image1)  Degrading to women

2)  Degrading to men

3)  Pornography

4)  Disgusting

5)  Distracting to everyone (and not in a good way!  in an immature way!)

6)  Inappropriate

7)  A sign of the times

8)  An abomination

9)  Embarrassing

10)  WRONG!!!


Screen shot 2013-10-26 at 4.43.58 AM

Go on and call me judgmental.

Go on and call me preachy.

Go on and say I’m being unreasonable.

Go on and say that this stuff is normal and harmless.

But guess what?

Everything I said is the sad truth.

Maxim Magazine is not okay.  And the worst part is that women themselves aspire to be on the cover!


Ew!  Oh, and by the way, this is the first thing that shows up on a google search of Maxim:


Does this not scream sexism?!  Ladies, don’t play into some guys’ sick fantasies.  We can still be beautiful WITHOUT doing that.  In fact, I’ll give you an example of someone I know pretty darn well 🙂

Wanna see a model who is classy?  Who keeps her clothes on?  Who is recognized for her beauty, both inner AND outer?  Take a look at this girl:

ImageOh yes, I am beautiful!



Ladies of the world, howzabout we take Sister Elaine Dalton’s maxim and Return to Virtue!:

Come on now, ya’ll, we can do better than this stupid magazine.

Let’s be classy, NOT trashy.


More to come on these ideas…

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