Harlequin Romance “Novels” make me wanna HURL!

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50 Shades of Disgusting Filth Perverted Trash may be “The mother of harlots,” (Revelations 17:5) but it certainly is not the only thing on the shelves that pretends to be literature, is predominantly for women, and is totally and undeniably GROSS!  The proper name for these kind of “books” is harlequin romance novels, but I prefer to refer to them as vomit inducers.

Friends, don’t buy into any of the hype surrounding these books.  God taught us about sex, and it does NOT include trash like this!  Stay away.  If you need a book that is interesting, intelligent, and yes even slightly romantic at times, lemme know.  I can recommend plenty.

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And for a brief tangent, the term Romantic is interesting.  We often think of romantic love; the stuff that chick flicks is made of.  But it comes from Romanticism, which is a literary genre that was somewhat of a disillusioned reaction to the harshness of previous epistemologies of a more scientific nature.  Will write more later!

Stay away from trash in book form, please.  You got toooooonz of better stuff to do anyways 🙂

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