Hate to be the one BREAKING BAD news, but being entertained by Meth USE makes you LOSE!

Breaking Bad News

I concede that I am no expert at all on the television phenomenon known as “Breaking Bad.”


However, I DO know very strongly that the abuse of crystal methamphetamine has caused MASSIVE destruction of lives, careers, families, peace of mind, and of course physical health, with death not being uncommon.  Not meaning to judge anyone, but I strongly dislike the idea of being fascinated or intrigued by a show that seems to find that kind of thing interesting or entertaining in the least.  Not saying it (totally) glamorizes it, not meaning to be naive or ignorant about the reality of drug use in America, but I simply do not like that show even though I’ve never seen it.

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 1.37.14 AM
(1st Thessalonians 5:22)

Here is a landmark LDS General Conference address that is related in that it addresses the destructive nature of drug abuse (prescription and/or narcotic). However, as is always true of the gospel, there is hope even for those who have made mistakes in these regards.

Read here. 

    Brothers and sisters, stay away from any kind of substance that may trap you. Even one sniff of something or one pill or one drink of alcohol can lead to addiction. A recovering alcoholic told me that just one drink is the difference between addiction and sobriety. Satan knows this. Do not let him hook you with his artificial lures that can quickly turn into addiction.


Yeah, so all these things (and more too!) considered, I will stay as far away from drugs as possible, even when it comes to a television show which perhaps seeks to portray recreational and/or heavy drug use as trivial, lucrative, or otherwise beneficial.

Plus, I much prefer GOOD



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2 responses to “Hate to be the one BREAKING BAD news, but being entertained by Meth USE makes you LOSE!

  1. Jack

    You miss the entire point of Breaking Bad. I HIGHLY suggest checking it out as it does anything BUT glamorize drug use and cooking.

    I hope that you’ll respond to this, because I would like to have a productive debate/conversation about it, as it is worth the time.

    I’ll commit if you do.

  2. Hey Jack, I didn’t really assume that it glamorizes it. From what I heard it shows the gritty, dark side of the drug world. But still I don’t like the whole show being driven around the topic of drugs. And I feel that people admire the lead character, and I have a problem with that. Yes, it sounds like an intriguing plot line, yes I’m sure it is superbly written and acted, but it is just too dark, to say nothing of the graphic violence (of which I’ve heard, but not seen). As I said, I don’t mean to be judgmental, but I felt strongly enough about it to write this and get my point out there even if others don’t (fully) agree. Does that make sense?

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