My dearest, troubled Kim Kardashian…


You’re not cute, you’re not sexy, you’re not funny, you’re not anything good when you instagram pictures of yourself in some hardly-there outfit.  I don’t keep tabs on you AT ALL, but when I do see your name at the bottom of some news website, it’s almost always because you have posted some obscene selfie…

Kim, you’ve made mistakes in your past.  So why must you continue to perpetuate a negative stereotype of yourself?!

ImageYou are a mother now.  I do wish you would at least think of what that means as far as modesty and chastity go (among other things).  When she gets older, is your daughter gonna wanna see pix of her mama’s junk hanging out?  NOOOOOOOO!


We all know you love your body.  We all know your family is filthy rich.  We know.  We know.  We know.

Girl, you are in a sense undoing feminism and all the things that women have worked so hard for for so many centuries!

KK, come on now.  It’s POSSIBLE for you to change…

So do it, please!


 Friends, I got LOADZ more to write about the embarrassing and disgusting phenomenon (sorry if that’s mean!) known as “The Kardashians.”

Stay.  Tuned.

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