Love it when intelligent people are passionate AND logical.

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Jeffrey R. Holland, an apostle in the LDS Church, is veeeery educated (Ph. D. from Yale).  But he ain’t cocky in the least!  I believe it would be safe to say that he is one of the most passionate, emotional, loving, and fiery of the Brethren.  He is also possibly one of the most quoted.  And the most beloved.

There is much to say about this particular address.  I will allow you to explore its deeper themes and richness.  But for now I will simply express that I love that, as he usually does, Elder Holland uses “boldness, but not overbearance (Alma 38:12).  He knows the appropriate rhetoric to speak to people of all different understandings of his faith and all different levels of intelligence, not unlike Jesus Christ himself when He taught in parables.

Friends, seriously even if you think Mormonism is crazy, this man is awesome.

On a personal note, he is a fan of Mark Twain.  Just like me!


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