My vernacular is spectacular…

It just is, okay?


My vernacular

is spectacular



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7 responses to “My vernacular is spectacular…

  1. anonymous

    HOW?! How are you so freakin cute!?! and brilliant!
    seriously, now i cant get anything done, you mysterious woman;)
    no way your single, ha lol, if so it’s on you, you got the whole perfect lil’ lady dream girl scenario playing out, the catch is probly intimidated
    And john mayer’s good, but he ain’t THAT good…TtT

  2. anonymous

    awww I’m sure John Mayer is awesome, this wasn’t intended to be a dig, at all, it was more-so a, “hey, you can’t be dissin anonymous”, thats, eh, counterproductive (and a response to a dif post, sry). ha, wasn’t tryin to be creepy… I’ll keep outta ya way

  3. no worries bro, I wasn’t offended. thanks for reading! now YOU are the mysterious one it seems 🙂

  4. have I met you before by the way?

    • its possible, chances are low, maybe 3rd party. You are incredibly accurate by the way, are you the only writer!? Hoping your just that smart and not using any insider help. My only advice is be careful, more defense, or maybe that’s my problem. Happy to help, but, you got this!

  5. Yes the only writer. I draw my inspiration from everything I do, all the people I meet, and everywhere I go. Books, songs, scriptures, politics, everything. But I am the sole writer of my blog :). Take care, friend!

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