I don’t know where I’d be without John Mayer.

I just don’t…


PS.  It took me some time to warm up to this song, as I initially thought it was a little too simple and perhaps even a tad bit boring.  But now I loooooove it.  Nostalgia, lost love, explicit mention of a woman’s name (which is almost certainly NOT an alias), emotional vulnerability, ambiguous feelings toward marriage/family, blatant admittance of technological stalking in a way that is both comedic and tragic (he does this in “In Your Atmosphere” too!), allusions to geographic locations, a building choral swell at the end, subtle implications of hope, and all set to the classic blues chord pattern?!  This man NEVER fails to deliver.

Johnny couldn’t write a bad song if he tried.

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 12.00.37 AM

Also, I want John to be happy.  I think he is and he isn’t.  And I know that some may assume that his relationship with Katy Perry is likely just another mistake or celebrity mismatch.  But if they are bringing each other some level of love and commitment, I say more power to ’em!

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