Facetious or Sarcastic?

I’m all about facetious, friend.


Facetiousness vs. sarcasm makes for an interesting topic.  They both are forms of verbal irony in which the speaker’s intended message is the opposite meaning of his/her literal words.  Sarcastic speech tends to be more unkind, bitter, or even caustic, whereas facetious speech is more playful, gentle, and good natured.  Both are witty, both take some skill, and both need to be used with discretion.

I haven’t brought up the explicit idea of core beliefs for quite some time, but allow me to remind you (or tell you for the first time!) that kindness is one of mine (core beliefs).  So it (almost!) goes without saying that I MUCH prefer for people to be facetious rather than sarcastic.


What are YOUR thoughts/ opinions/ experiences about

facetiousness vs. sarcasm?


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One response to “Facetious or Sarcastic?

  1. Liz

    I personally prefer facetiousness, as it is an innate part of my personality. I love being witty and having a unique sense of humor. (And I really can’t resist a good facetious punchline.) But sarcasm takes having that se se od humor too far in my opinion. It’s not okay to ridicule and belittle other people to make a point. It’s a marked sign of immaturity and insecurity.

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