Language Acquisition

is a fascinating transition!

Okay ya’ll, I know this is a long video, but I just think it’s really awesome!  Language Acquisition is such a complex and interesting part of our experience.  I myself still can recall quite vividly where and when I first encountered many of the wondrous words that are now part of my internal lexicon, and which are being utilized (at least somewhat) to create this glorious blog!

There is soooooo very much more to explore about this topic:  infant pronunciation, the integral role of music in solidifying our word memory (in case ya’ll didn’t know I remember song lyrics like no other!), accents, bilingual pedagogy, and the list goes on and on.  Maybe I’ll get to it some day 🙂  But just wanted to give you a lil’ sample of the enthralling topic of language acquisition.

Friends, what are YOUR thoughts/ experiences/ beliefs

concerning Language Acquisition?

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