If you insult my intelligence, I just may become belligerent.

I ain’t hot-headed

Not out lookin’ for a fight

But talk to me like I’m stupid

And I just might

I HAAAAATE when people talk down to other people.  It drives me insane.  I’m not mad right now or anything, I’m just thinking about times when this has happened in the past, and am drawing upon those rare moments of anger to write this post.  I am not offended easily, I’m not a bomb waiting to explode, but for the love of Natasha, talk to me like I’m an adult!  And I promise I will do the same to you.  You can instruct, teach, and even correct someone WITHOUT being belittling, demeaning, or condescending.  I believe this as much as I believe in God.  I am JUST as smart as you are (and probz smarter truth me told).  Listen, I’m eager to learn and better myself, but I can smell the stench of condescension, insincerity, unkindness, and (attempted) manipulation from a mile away.  Watch your delivery, friend.  Tone of voice is a conscious choice, and it makes ALL the difference…

Welcome to the real world, (s)he said to me, condescendingly… (this is a Mayer quote btw)

“The Yellow Wallpaper.”

This ain’t pride we’re talkin’ bout, it’s DIGNITY!

More to come on these ideas.

Much more.

*this post is for no one specific person/ incident in particular; it’s simply a compilation of thoughts/ experiences/ epiphanies…

“If you insult my intelligence, I just may become belligerent.”


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