Brad Paisley is the John Mayer of country music.

Image   Image

Just a few ways this is true.  

BP and JM are both:

1)  Good looking

2)  Super Satirists

3)  Hilarious (they both are known to be master pranksters, just like me!)

4)  Guitar Gods

5)  Talented beyond belief but still able to connect with fans

6)  Versatile

7)  TRUE musicians

8) Good guys (though at least one has made some mistakes in the past)

9)  Timeless

10)  Just overall AWESOME!

Oh, yeah, and great artists collaborate!

This was for CMT’s Crossroads a few years ago, but they even mixed their magic just a few months ago again for BP’s song “Beat this Summer.”  Cool!

This is a call to the color-blind.  This is an IOU…


Why is it not my time?  What is there more to learn?!

heart girl!

 LOVE this line with all my heart!


*oh, and I’ve seen both of these gentlemen in concert. 

PS.  I think Brad and John have some great collaborations, but I actually enjoy John’s stuff with Keith Urban even more.  Stay.  Tuned.

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