Mormons who view non-Mormons merely as “potential converts,”


are potentially not truly converted themselves!


But I believe that even for those kind of Mormons there is hope


 and the possibility of a happy ending!


So let’s celebrate that people can change!


Think about what I am saying here.

How does it apply to you?

Katherine was once a Mormon zealot herself, so she relates to the character of Sam in a way.

But now she’s a Mormon/ Woman/ Human (thank goodness)!

Click here for a bit more on this idea of not viewing non-Mormons as projects…

(but still desiring to share the glorious gospel!)

Click here for my informed opinion on how to NOT argue about religion while still standing up for the Church.

As you might have guessed, I have more to come concerning this topic.

Much more.


Concluding thoughts (only for this specific post though of course)!

Mormons are not always perfect in their approach to sharing their beliefs.  I certainly have made mistakes in this regard, (although my intentions were always good).  But I strongly believe there is hope, and that members of the LDS Church with an initial tendency to be overzealous can change and find an appropriate, tactful way to spread the gospel and perform “missionary work” (formal or informal) in a manner that respects and edifies ALL, whether or not baptism(s) ever actually occur(s).

It’s a gift, if you get my drift.

Now if I could only have hair as beautiful as Ms. Charly’s I could be truly happy.


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