is a phrase I use a lot.  It comes from a girl who has helped me a lot.  But she is not married to Lot (or to anyone), and she doesn’t look over her shoulder at those loves from the past that ain’t gettin no closer

So I think she’s not gonna turn to stubble…

(here’s a similar resource on Lot’s wife that is more serious and more important)

And back to my original friend:  Aloha! (they say that to mean hello and goodbye…)

dear amiga,

Kath ain’t much of a crier (I use my words instead of my tears), but without you and your help, I would “cry if [you were to] up and leave.”

love, the obvious author

(Webby voters, I just employed an epistolary technique.  POINTS PLEASE!)

Oh, yeah, returning to the anonymous inspiration.

  Wanna know this girl’s name?

I.  Ain’t.  Sayin.

Girl, I could go on with BS lyrics all day post long, but I gotta keep ya coming back for more.  And this is not the last time you will appear on this blog.  Not even close.

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