I’m the Queen of My Own Body.


So is every woman.  And every man is a King of his.

I don’t want to worry about (trans) gender issues on this one plz…

It’s non-alcoholic!

I got my title from this amazing source, (originally derived from LDS President David O McKay).  Check it, stat!

Maybe I should consider contact lenses.  It’s getting pretty crowded on top of my head….


When it comes to your body, YOU CALL THE SHOTS!  If you don’t want someone touching you or invading your space in anyway, then you have the glorious right and choice to speak up.  And expect the other person to listen and obey.  And don’t apologize for it.  Sound good? Excellent…

And back to me for just one second (if that’s alright).  Yes.  I, Katherine Anne Wilkinson, am the queen of my own body.  But that’s not all:


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