Greatest Hits

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Not every blog post is as good as others.  They do have to meet a certain standard of beauty, truth, humor, wit, tact, class, and relevance to be included in this blog.  However, some are meatier than others.  I really do have a LOT more blog posts brewin,’ but for now here are some of the ones with which I am most pleased:

1)  An unexpected metaphor:  comparing LDS temples to sex/chastity.

2)  Why this blog is a Christ-figure for me. 

3)  The fine line of propriety when it comes to honesty AND class. 

4)  Getting out of the shadow of high-achieving family members.

5)  Why I am ALWAYS quoting songs.

6)  My rocky relationship with my guitar.

7)  How I REALLY felt about my sister getting married

8)  The sweet spot of talking God

9)  The unofficial missionary work of this blog. 

10) My approach to satire.

Ouch, that was a bit painful to cut down to just 10.  But it’s alright because I look forward to many more posts, and a Greatest Hits Part 2!  Thank you so so SOOOOOO much for reading.  It makes me feel loved, appreciated, and valued.  Oh yah, and I am soon going to start getting paid per click!  But I won’t spam you.  And that is a promise.   And believe it or not, I actually HAVE been paid a little for this so far.  I’ll spare you the deets for now, but just wanted to casually throw that in there…

Please remember that you can always email me about any question/concern/idea you may have.  I’ve already enjoyed the email correspondence I’ve been able to have so far.  So feel free.

And now, go have your own experiences, live your own life, and create your story.

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