“If the Church is true, it will win against any anti-Mormon crap out there,”

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said a good friend once who helped me a lot in my faith journey.  I like that a lot.  I am not suggesting that we go dig through every piece of dirty laundry we can find.  But I’m no longer afraid of the big, tough issues.  Polygamy, Mountain Meadow’s Massacre, blacks and the priesthood, Salamander letters, that kind of thing.  I still don’t have all the answers (but have definitely gained some!), but I no longer feel anxiety.

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4 responses to ““If the Church is true, it will win against any anti-Mormon crap out there,”

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  2. JRSG

    I used to doubt and had questions. I got pulled in by the literature critical to the LDS church. It got me thinking so I decided to learn and compare sources on my own. I had to prove it to myself, one way or another, and not take some one elses word that the information they presented was the absolute truth. It took years, and I am still learning. I also researched ancient Christian teachings (I did not have very much resources to pull from, but I did find enough. I started before the age of the Internet). When the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi were translated and released for all to read, and other ancient Christian writings came to light and published also, I compared all of that to what the LDS religion teaches. I also found research of other people who investigated the LDS religion. I was convinced that there is no way in “H E Double Hockey Sticks” that Joseph Smith got lucky.
    If one really looks at what is happening today, the wheat and the tares are being separated. It saddens me that former LDS people have been fooled by the claims of the critics. Yes, there are things that have happened and we will never have all the answers. But we also must remember that not all the facts can be found that relate to the troubling stuff that happened in the past. We can look at all of the history of Christianity, and Christianity as a whole is a lot uglier than anything the LDS church ever did, even up to today. Humans are weak, and make mistakes.

  3. fred

    There are a bunch of us who started out to prove the LDS Church wrong that have found it to be God’s restored gospel.

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