Sometimes good (?) writers have to work a graveyard…


(I’m still sleeping, Mom!)


red wine and Ambien

~John Mayer

(I don’t drink wine or take Ambien, but I like the idea…)

Also, if you take medication or consume alcohol, YOU DEFINITELY SHOULDN’T MIX THEM!


1)  What are good reasons to stay up all (or part) of the night?

2)  What are BAD reasons?

Also, not everyone looks this cute

by a computer light glow at an obscene hour…



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3 responses to “Sometimes good (?) writers have to work a graveyard…

  1. Mackenzie Newby

    1) If your having a baby 2) if you are CRAZY and want to have fun and just relax with your friends and have a good ole time because you had a bad day/week 🙂

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