Hierarchy of Digital Communication

There is a hierarchy of what is generally considered appropriate in the levels of communication.  I don’t mind giving my email out to most people.  Then if people know your full name they can find you on Facebook, and depending on how comfortable you are, you can choose to accept their friend request or not.  I along with many others won’t give my phone number out freely.  And address?  No way, Jose!  But yes, email I am quite comfortable with.

Screen shot 2013-08-10 at 11.05.29 AM

But here’s the funny thing:  IT’S EASIER TO REACH ME VIA EMAIL THAN PHONE!  Actually, scratch that, text and email are probably about equal.  Rest assured, I DO pick up the phone, listen to my messages, call people back (employers, I’m talking to you!)  And generally, I do a pretty good job of keeping in touch with people, getting back to them, etc.  I just find it interesting that “phone” kinda seems to be the VIP form of communication, but this girl ain’t that into it…

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