Mormon Mispronunciations…

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 4.59.37 PM

PatriARCHAL                  PatriARTICLE     (am I being patroNIZing?)

SacraMENT Meeting      SacraMEETING    (3 syllables, not 2.  JUST LIKE MY NAME!)

In the words of BYU Professor Randy Bott, “Go and sin no more!

Anymore you can think of?

I just ended that last sentence with a preposition, and IT’S STAYING!


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4 responses to “Mormon Mispronunciations…

  1. Chris

    Every time our young women recite the YW theme, they inevitably say covNANTS (two syllables instead of three) and “ordinces” (three syllables) rather than OR-din-ANC-es (four syllables). Even when they take the directive to slow down, these two mispronunciations remain. Sigh.

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  3. I hear please us instead of please bless and it drives me crazy when people end a talk in the name of THY son. Who’s son are they referring to because they are speaking to the congregation…

  4. Rachel Bauer

    KirKland instead of KirTland

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