Sometimes my guitar is my boyfriend……


and I drown out everyone else.

#yes I’ve been on dates with both those boys

#yes they’re both now married and have left Provo

#yes I’m still single in Provo playing my guitar

#gave up guitar for a while cuz it did this to me in social situations; I was a victim-had no control!

(shouldn’t it be a shared experience? not an alienating one)

#now we have an open relationship…some nights i hang out with another guy, some nights with my faithful guitar-and sometimes the 3 of us even chill!

#inanimate boyfriends

Core Beliefs:  Creativity, Humor, Beauty, Expression


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6 responses to “Sometimes my guitar is my boyfriend……

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  2. Russ Black

    Hi Katherine. Thanks for sending me this link. I’ll have to keep myself updated with it. I’m not super computer smart, but this is your blog, right? I like your lines about the boys and your guitar, they’re funny. – Russ

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