This makes me SOOOO happy!

Renae told me about this and, um, the only way I could love this video more is if I was the bride and that beautiful man was singing to me.  Oh, and I’d probably get a dress with sleeves 🙂  And also girlfriend ‘s beautiful and seems very nice, but she didn’t need to spend so much time at the tanning bed….

Tori and her family know them from Chicago!

“as long as ur a thicky thicky thick gurl u know that’s it’s on”

*when he puts those wayfarers on, I’m a goner and my heart is his…


Love it so much I’ll even be willing to look past the drug references at a wedding (weird)

Core Beliefs:  Kindness, Expression, Humor, Beauty, Creativity


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4 responses to “This makes me SOOOO happy!

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  4. Well I can tell you that is DEFINITELY not what I was expecting O_o but it was super funny!

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