Text Message Love….

A year and a half ago, I started a journal where I record my favorite text message conversations (I encourage others to do this-its awesome).  I just think it’s important to immortalize that social interaction because text messages can be really funny or lovely.  But eventually you’re gonna run out of space in your phone and have to start deleting.  I haven’t graduated to an Iphone and don’t plan to.  ANYWAYS….

Let me just share a recent text message interaction.  From time to time perhaps I will share others as posts on this glorious blog.

Katherine:  I am sitting in church next to a dead look alike of zac efron.  darnie don’t have a camera phone.  they could be twins.

Asian Married Friend Who Shall Remain Anonymous:  Why don’t you talk to him?  Maybe he’ll get your number 🙂

Katherine: Because he’s basically a zygote.  And he doesn’t seem that nice.  And he has his hand on the knee of the girl on the other side of him

Readers, what great text messages have you sent or received?  Record your own stories!

core beliefs:  beauty, humor, expression, understanding


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