Faith Journey

There comes a time in every person of faith’s life that he/she must decide how important it is to him/her. How much time, energy, and devotion will they give to their faith. Do they care? Do they even believe it? This is particularly true of BYU students/ Mormons/ YSA today in 2013 in a largely secularized America. Terms like “crisis of faith” and “faith transition” are common in this discussion.. Part of my own faith journey has caused me to let go of my Mormon zealotry and no longer espouse the “wheat and tares” or “us vs. them” philosophy. And while I do desire, pray, and encourage my friends to embrace and continue in the gospel of Jesus Christ as found in and best provided (I believe!) by the correlated LDS church and also think it’s important to keep temple promises (or covenants) we once made, I claim, respect, and love you, no matter where your spiritual path (or lack of) takes you. ‪#‎StillLDS‬ ‪#‎stillconservativeBIOTCH‬ ‪#‎feelingphilosophical‬

core beliefs:  expression, humor, kindness, Christ, understanding

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