A New Creature in Christ (a poem)

“Therefore, if any [wo]man be in Christ, [s]he is a new creature.”
-2nd Corinthians 5:17

A hurting heart that’s healed
A secret unconcealed
The love of God revealed

The turning of a page
A new and better age
A soul that’s been uncaged

A new creature in Christ
The one who paid the price
The perfect sacrifice

Take away the sting
Surrender everything
The peace repentance brings


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A Hundred New Ideas (A Poem)

“I have a hundred new ideas a day,
and I know I can’t possibly execute them all.” 

-Christy Wright

Hundreds of ideas always
Swimming through my mind
Accomplish all my projects, solve the
Problems of mankind

Resources unlimited?
There’s nothing stopping me
But come back down to earth (that’s simply)
Not reality

I grieve lost opportunity (wish)
All dreams could come true
Discern my time and energy (to)
Know which to pursue

My family, home, and business (are my)
Top priorities
And then I try to tackle more

But in all the mundane and simple
Tasks and all the goals
I’ll never lose full grip on all the
Dreams inside my soul

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Not Every Lead Converts (A Mini Poem)

Not every effort works
Not every lead converts
But often you most learn (from)
Experiences that hurt

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When To Pitch (A Poem)

Don’t pitch too early
They’ll just run off scared (before)
Making the “ask” (you should)
Make them prepared

Follow the steps
Don’t jump around
Practicing patience is
How sales are found

Attention, then interest
Desire comes next
Go for the warm ones
To see best effects

Build your rapport
Make them your friend
Talk up the value
Then pitch at the END!


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Necessary Endings (a poem)

“Getting to the next level always requires ending something, letting go, and moving on.” -Henry Cloud (“Necessary Endings”)

Cut your losses, close up shop (when)
It’s not working, time to stop
It’s hardly fun and can be scary 
Some endings are necessary

Maintenance of vitality (through)
Closure & finality
Weed your garden to survive (makes)
What’s desired grow and thrive

Clear up space inside your head
Don’t seek life among the dead
I know it’s painful to let go
You’d be surprised how much you grow 🌸

“Why seek ye the living among the dead?”
-Luke 24:5

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A Line That Lit A Fire (Poem)

A line that lit a fire
Ideas that inspire
A one-time, offhand phrase (that others)
Might just throw away

A sentence that can spark
Major change from a remark
What may seem casual (to me’s)
Beyond invaluable

The words that spoke to me (become so)
Seared in memory
They permeate my heart
So I get up and I start

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The Truth (A Poem)

Prefer the truth hard
Don’t water it down
The filler for feelings
Can make the facts drown

Don’t swerve just to soften
I face it head on
There’s self-coping skills (if the)
Blow gets too strong

I’ll calm myself down if my
Heart’s overloaded
What I need from you is to
Not sugarcoat it

When reality’s harsh (I don’t)
Live in denial
Avoiding the problem is
Never my style

The truth may sting
Can hurt like hell
And still it’s much better than
Lies that we tell

I’ve found no fulfillment in
False fantasies
Pain can be present, but
Truth makes us free

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