Boundaries (A Poem)

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Where I end and you begin
How much do I let you in?
A wall? A field? No, I’m a fence
At times it’s shut, at times open

Don’t want to be enmeshed again
(Cash, emotions, or burdens)
I’ll set my boundaries firm and then
When things are right, I’ll let you in!

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Every Choice Has a Cost (Poem)

hard work

Every choice
has a cost
There’s one thing gained
another lost

In everything
there’s opposition
A sacrifice
for your ambition

More work, more green
less time at home
Profits, prices
cons and pros

So what’s it worth?
(your values ranked)
Less time for you
more in the bank

The time is yours
You are the steward
O, be wise
and ask the Lord

How will you spend
your cash and time?
Only YOU
(and God!) decide!

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Drowning In the Infoglut (A Poem)

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“Where is the wisdom in all this knowledge?
Where is the knowledge in all this information”
-Elder James Faust
There’s too much information
A gluttony of junk
I try to quit, can’t quite do it (I’m)
Feeling kind of stuck

I’m drowning in the infoglut
It’s time to take a break
Unplug, unwind, find peace of mind
My sanity’s at stake

The cyber noise is deafening
Distraction to the max
(Near) constant stimulation
Leaves no space to relax

(You) can’t turn off the web, though
Never can escape it
Management’s the answer
Just do your best to tame it

Don’t let your soul be sucked in
By nothingness times ten
Real life is full of beauty (that to)
Neglect would be a sin

Are you living deep and fully?
Or in an online haze?
You spend your life the way, of course, (you)
Choose to spend your days
So make it count for something
Then, look up and look around
And don’t forget to sometimes
Put that stupid cell phone down!

“Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in the time-wasting,
mind-numbing things like..surfing the Internet.”
-Elder M. Russell Ballard
PS: I wrote a poem expressing a similar sentiment. Read it here!

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How To Tackle Lazy Days (A Poem)

How To Tackle Lazy Days

“[I]t is not requisite that a [wo]man
should run faster than [s]he has strength.”
-Mosiah 4:27

Screen shot 2016-08-05 at 1.04.02 PM

When motivation’s lagging
When inspiration’s dragging
When I get lost in my head
And I’d rather stay in bed

When I can’t locate my passion
And my dreams all seem abandoned
When resolve just wastes away
As I scroll my phone all day

Just try to tackle something
Can be even just one thing
Don’t force yourself to run (just give)
Credit for what’s done

It’s alright to take it slow
But don’t lose total sight of goals
Exercise self-soothing
Then get up, and GET MOVING!

“Cease To Be Idle”
-Doctrine & Covenants 88:124

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Planned Parenthood’s Latest Stunt: Pink “CTR” Condoms


Guys, guys, are we seriously surprised that Utah Planned Parenthood used the church’s CTR symbol on their condoms? This is an organization that systematically kills human beings for a profit. This is a group whose founder was a known eugenicist and stated that “birth control must ultimately lead to a cleaner race.” There’s no evil they won’t do and no low they won’t stoop to; this is hardly shocking, ya’ll. Pink condoms (although still tasteless and offensive because they appropriate the Church) are one of the tamer things that PP has done.
PS: Those who work in the abortion industry at Planned Parenthood or who’ve had an abortion themselves can find forgiveness and freedom. Check out this link for people and resources who can help you:

PPS: PP has come out and said they’re discontinuing their pink CTR condoms.

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Poem: “What I Learned From Dave Ramsey”


A few months ago, I received a Financial Peace University kit as a wedding present (I’m a newlywed!), and my husband will tell you that I’ve been hooked on Dave Ramsey ever since. I watch his Youtube channel, follow him on social media, listen to his radio show, read his books, and talk about his money principles all the freakin’ time!

When I get excited about something, when I feel strongly about a topic, my passion for it usually comes out in the form of a poem. So here’s my latest:

Don’t ever pay with credit.
Don’t you dare take out a loan
The borrower is slave
You need money? Use your own!

Pay back those pesky debts
(they’re poison to your health)
Save up, invest, and give
And build yourself some wealth

Have to live like no one else
And always act your wage
Then you can live comfortably
When you reach a seasoned age

Sweat and sacrifice
is what’s required of you
So hustle, get it done!
The Lord will help you through

“…the borrower is servant to the lender”
-Proverbs 22:7


PS: Many of the lines in my poem are taken from Dave Ramsey verbatim. I’m giving credit, so I’m not a plagiarizer! 

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Done With Debating (poem)

Screen shot 2016-06-19 at 11.22.10 PM
 “In the midst of this war of words and tumult of opinions, I often said to myself: What is to be done?”

                                                              -Joseph Smith Jr.

I’m done with debating, fed up with fighting
Worn from this warring, so tired of trying
I’ll still take a stand; I’ll never back down
But a better approach is what I’ll do now

It’s not that I’m scared; I don’t run from a threat
But who changes sides from a Facebook thread?
I still like the skill of logical spars
But I’ve learned to step back; reexamine what my goals are

Controversy has its place, but to be most productive
I’ll channel my energies toward something effective:
Earn more, gift money, and give for a purpose
There’s so many needs that could use of my service

There’s a carnival of fools all waiting online
To steal your peace and waste your time
But don’t give in! Because feeding the trolls
Won’t help you meet your dreams, bring change, or reach goals

So go forth in the cause, and fight the good fight!
Don’t let a heated argument keep you up in the night
We could argue and bicker, we could talk ’til we’re dead
But let’s do something USEFUL with what’s in our heads!

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